Are You Protected?


What is an Antivirus? Do you need one? Whether you use your computer every day or once a month, it is still important to have an Antivirus software. This is a very important tool to have on a computer as it can protect your computer and warn you of malicious files that can be lingering inside your computer. Of course some Antivirus programs are free and others need to be paid. In case you are wondering why the paid ones make a difference, it is simply for automation. No one wants to run an Antivirus manually especially since they may forget to run it. 

As new viruses are being released on a daily basis, your Antivirus will need to run periodic updates to learn about these new types of threats. Many people may also say that Macs cannot get a virus, which is not entirely true. Given that Mac is a different type of operating system from Windows, it is more locked down in a sense where program files are much different than Windows. In other
words Mac limits you to what you can download from the Internet and a lot of their applications need to go through their APP store to make life easier for Apple users.

So the next time you hear the word Antivirus, just think to yourself, do I want to manually protect my computer or do I want my computer to protect me!